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~Crazy Sachpreet~
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Just a girl loving TACOS! I also love one direction so I'm a directioner and I'm proud to be one ♥ ♥ ♥ And UNICORNS DON'T FORGET THE UNICORNS NEVER FORGET THEM!!!!!! I also love Teen Wolf I'm just obsessed with and Pretty Little Liars wouldn't want to forget that :P. Umm I guess that's it. If you want to know more just message me and I'll reply as fast I can. Byeeeee

P.S. Please follow my Instagram accounts I have 3 hehe. My first one is @xx_sweater_weather_xx My second one is @forever_directioners_mixers And my third one is @xx_inspirational_qoutes_xx
And my other social accounts here they are Twitter: foodandunicorn1 @Awkounicorns Tumblr: forever-directioners-mixers-fan
And that is it thank you guys for following my and liking pics i post and reblogging them it means so much to me. Please take the time to do that it would mean so much and thank you!!!! I love you guys so much!!!!! <333
"One Direction aren't going to live happily ever after with you."

*sneeze* "I'm sorry, I don't speak bullshit."

~Love The Unicorn King (cuz kings have more power then queens)

"Don’t be afraid to do something just because you’re scared of what people are going to say about you. People will judge you no matter what."



reasons why you should date me

  • we can do the pillow fort
  • share an ENTIRE pizza
  • ((like a whole pizza just for us wow))
  • ???????
  • mario kart

i can do that alone and i don’t even have to share the pizza. next


*stands outside Harvard waiting for cute nerdy potential billionaires*